With the help of highly reflective paint, so-called fluorescent material and reflectors, hi-vis clothing protects workers in transport, staffing, industry or construction. Within these occupational categories, it is very important to be visible both up close and far away when working, e.g. near the road in the dark.

With us you will find warning trousers, warning shirts, warning piques, warning shirts and warning jackets. The warning clothes are durable and made to withstand rain and some soiling, without losing the warning properties. The warning clothing has a stylish design and provides high visibility both day and night, all because you should feel safe in every work situation.

Class 1, 2 and 3

Warning clothing is divided into classes 1, 2 and 3, which describe how strong the visibility is on the clothing. Class 1 has the lowest visibility and class 3 has the highest. Common to all classes is that they are visible both during the day and at night, the fluorescent material and reflectors visible from all sides. The warning clothing is also designed so that the reflexes clearly show that it is a person who is visible from a distance and not something else.

Here you will find clothes from all classes. For different work situations, a certain class is required on the warning clothing to ensure safety. Class 3 can be achieved by wearing Class 3 warning clothing, alternatively by combining a Class 1 warning trousers with a Class 2 warning jacket.

Protection class based on area of use

Class 1:
– Minimum 0.14 m² fluorescent material and minimum 0.10 m² reflective material.
– Surrounding traffic is driving around 30 km/h or less.

Class 2:
– Minimum 0.50 m² fluorescent material and minimum 0.13 m² reflective material.
– Surrounding traffic runs between approximately 30-60 km/h

Class 3:
– Minimum 0.80 m² fluorescent material and minimum 0.20 m² reflective material.
– Surrounding traffic is driving more than about 60 km/h.