About Texstar

Texstar are clothes that are made to work for, and fits many different professions. The clothes are perfect profile garments when a company or brand wants to stand out in the crowd.

It’s impression and quality. And function.

Solid knowledge

Texstar is a Swedish company with headquarters in Norrtälje, Sweden. Our warehouse is located here as well as our development office. We that create Texstar garments have a long and thorough knowledge of clothing, materials and design. Therefore, we know how to make clothes that will feel new and comfortable and at the same time exciting to wear.

No middlemen

We have our own production facilities in China and an office in Shanghai. This means that we have control over the entire chain from production right through to delivery. We also have contractors that we have a well-recognized contact. Overall, this means that we can provide our customers with the best price. There are no middlemen, just us.


The Texstar Way

One size fits all is not part of our concept. Our sizes come in a variety of fits, in both men’s and women’s cuts, to suit different body shapes. Our whole product range is built around five clearly defined basic colours: white, red, blue, grey and black. We call this the Texstar Way.

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Use MyLogo to show your colleagues what the clothes will look like.
You can now try out your logo on all our garments and then show your colleagues how great it looks. Nothing could be easier!

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Today’s circular economy forces us to think carefully. Thinking a little smarter takes you a little further. That’s one of Texstar’s mottos. We call it the Texstar Way. It also includes our philosophy on sustainability. Some call it CSR. We call it caring.

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