What is quality?

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What is quality?

Quality includes many aspects. But it all boils down to a few basic principles: We want everyone to feel great in our clothes. That’s why we design fashionable clothing in men’s and women’s cuts and offer a wider range of sizes than most other suppliers. Our garments feature many smart details and specially selected materials to make your daily work easier and more comfortable.

When Ascari chose Texstar to design and supply the corporate clothing worn by all staff at Ascari’s facility – including restaurant staff, mechanics and managers – we were very proud.

We believe in the ability to be a one-stop supplier

Our collection is designed to meet most needs in an organisation, with a range of clothing that suits everybody. We deliver products ready-packed and complete with logos.

Availability is also important. For this reason we stock almost everything in our warehouses, while our well-oiled distribution system allows us to offer just-in-time delivery on request. We are proud of our ISO 9001:2015 quality certification and ISO 14001:2015 environmental certification, which attest to our continuous improvement efforts.

A step further every year. We call this quality.

Read our quality policy here.

Here you can read our quality policies in German and Dutch.

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