Quality Policy

Texstar designs and sells lightweight work clothing and corporate clothing of high quality. By giving strong focus and priority to quality aspects at every stage of production, we strive to identify and minimise or completely eliminate quality defects.

This will ensure that our services and products are of the highest quality and meet, satisfy and exceed customers’ expectations. We always strive to make continuous improvements.

What quality means to us:

  • Developing, producing and marketing products and services of the right quality at competitive prices.
  • Keeping our promises regarding quality and delivery times.
  • Encouraging our employees to continuously improve the quality of their work.
  • Encouraging our employees to serve the company’s customers in a professional manner.
  • Ensuring that our employees have high quality awareness.
  • Maintaining good relationships between the company, its employees and their surrounding environment.

We will achieve this by:

  • Meeting the requirements of our quality system ISO 9001.
  • Prioritising suppliers and producers that are quality certified and/or that supply high-quality products and fulfil legal requirements (ISO 9001, Code of Conduct).
  • Always checking and verifying the quality of incoming deliveries.
  • Maintaining good partnerships with all the company’s subcontractors to ensure that the agreed quality and delivery times are achieved.
  • Providing relevant information and training to employees in order for them to perform their jobs correctly.

All employees at Texstar AB are required to be familiar with our quality policy and actively ensure that it is complied with.

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