Unlined jackets

Our unlined work jackets can be used all year round, as a shell garment or as is during warmer seasons. We have several different models of softshell jackets, shell jackets, lightweight jackets and jackets for security guards with different properties such as wind and water repellent, rain resistance and durability. All models and variants are of high quality in a modern, stylish profile that warms and protects you at work.

Softshell jackets

A softshell jacket is soft with high breathability, offers good freedom of movement and is both rain and water repellent. The softshell jackets from Texstar can be used all year round in varying weather. Wearing a jacket made of softshell material, allows you to be outside for longer periods without getting too hot or cold thanks to the garments’ good breathability.

With layers upon layers under the jacket, it can be adapted for use in both warmer and colder temperatures and is perfect for both work and private.