Cool pressure. Fancy embroidery. Things that make a difference.

There are many possibilities to produce our clothes, where your company can be profiled on our garments, depending on which model and which material you choose. It’s easy. Even on lined jackets and trousers. We have a hidden zipper in all our lined jackets and leg lined pants allowing easy access to embroider, sew and press.

Det finns många möjligheter till förädling av våra kläder, där ditt företag profileras på våra plagg, beroende på vilken modell och vilket material du väljer. Det är enkelt att göra det, även på fodrade jackor och byxor. Vi har ett dolt blixtlås i alla våra fodrade jackor och i benet på fodrade byxor så att man lätt kommer åt att brodera, sy eller trycka.


Embroidery directly on the garment gives an exclusive feel. It is durable and keeps well in


Characterizes the pressure of the garment. Although it offers an exclusive feel.

Transfer print

Print is transferred by means of heat applied to a carrier on the garment. It will be neat and goes relatively quickly.

Screen print

This is a good and simple printing method that is common on lighter garments like t-shirts. The print design is pressed directly onto the garment.

Embroidered badges

The design needs to be first embroidered onto a carrier which can then be sewn or ironed onto the garment. Can give a rugged effect.