Texstar develops hybrid work clothes for driven teams. Clothes that adapt to the tasks at hand and the people performing them. Our extensive range offers something for everyone – whatever their role, work tasks, body shape or taste.

How people in our society work has changed over the decades, and we have become experts at adapting to a variety of work tasks and technical challenges. Today many disciplines and roles overlap with each other. This results in increased collaboration and the development of more innovative products and services. But it also places requirements and expectations on us to do more, deliver faster and be more flexible during our working day.

From the office to the field. For sunny mornings and windy nights. For today and tomorrow.

Texstar – Hybrid Workwear.


Clothes for jobs that require high functionality and for people who do not want to compromise on quality. Texstar delivers well-designed collections with smart details, high functionality and really good fit. Clothes that contribute to a more pleasant working day.


Clothing for companies that realize the importance of acting and being perceived as a brand. For companies with high demands on fit, design and function. With Texstar, you get a collection that is modernly cut to suit both him and her. You get products that are designed in line with the demands of the profession – full of functional, smart details.


With Texstar, the team will look better. Texstar are known for developing clothes that fit really well. What makes us extra unique is that we develop garments that suit different industries, business types and users. And of course, both for him and her.

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We know how annoying it can be when you've made up your mind, then the clothes are nowhere to be found. With full control over stocking and deliveries directly from our own warehouse, we make sure that you can feel safe. The clothes are there when you want them.

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Regardless of body shape, style or work task, you get really functional work clothes from Texstar. Smart details and thoughtful material choices permeate Texstar's collection. Both for those who take the subway to work or for those who work remotely in the forest.

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