Do you work indoors, outdoors or both?

Whether you spend long hours in an office or work outdoors in a forest, it’s important to be able to adapt your clothing for optimal work comfort. When you dress in layers, you create protective barriers that allow you to easily regulate your body temperature and adapt to the weather. Choose the number of layers based on the working day ahead. Here are a few useful tips.

From inside–out

Layer 1: Base layer that wicks away moisture

Our Light Weight Underwear effectively wicks away moisture to promote optimal temperature regulation during low- to medium-intensity activity, and is made of quick-drying fabric to keep you warm and dry. In warmer weather or if you work indoors a lot, a technical T-shirt can also be very useful. We recommend our T-Shirt Function which is made of bamboo and has high absorbency. A great base layer that keeps you dry all day.

Layer 2: Comfortable mid-layer that retains heat from your body

It’s important to adapt your mid-layer to current weather conditions if you work a lot indoors or outdoors. Fleece is a popular choice for many. However, it’s important not to use a mid-layer that’s too insulating as this traps heat from your body against your skin, causing overheating and excessive sweating.

Find a mid-layer that suits you and your working day. We have many options to choose from, and one of our favourites is the Fleece Jacket Stretch. Its unique stretch and high breathability makes it flexible and comfortable.

Layer 3: Protection from the Nordic climate

In a constantly changing and often unpredictable climate, a comfortable, reliable outer layer is essential. We have several versions with different types of lining suitable for different seasons. Softshell is a very comfortable material for spring and autumn, but in winter a lined jacket may be more suitable. Softshell Jacket 3L is wind- and water-resistant for slightly more challenging weather, and when the temperature drops we recommend our Service Winter Jacket in breathable, waterproof material with taped seams and reflectors.


Bonus layer of your own choice

Everyone is different. People’s sensitivity to cold as well as temperature variation during the day varies between roles and industries. The fourth clothing layer, which is often worn under layer 3, is ideal during breaks or in really cold conditions. We have many types of vests. Our stylish Hybrid Vest is one of our best sellers and meets strict environmental criteria. In really cold weather, a down jacket like our Winter Down Jacket can be your best friend.

Smart choices