With us you will find comfortable and stylish work trousers in all their forms. Choose from a variety of service trousers, craft trousers, warning trousers, suit trousers and trousers for security guards for both women and men. If you feel comfortable in your work clothes, you do a better job, we believe. At Texstar, you don’t have to choose between fit, quality or comfort, but our work trousers are modern and sit well on the body.

Work trousers require more than everyday trousers at home, they must fit really nicely and in combination with extra functionalities such as pockets for tools, reinforced knees and reflexes. Our trousers have matching tops for a complete look.

Work trousers with stretch

Mobility and comfort are essential during the many hours of the working day. Here you will find functional work trousers with stretch in a modern fit that are optimal for most work situations, especially for active work and a lot of movement. Our goal is for our clothes to be appreciated enough that they are also used privately, which they often do.

Add your own logo

To get a more personal feel and corporate spirit, all work trousers can be enhanced with the company logo or other print of your choice. Upload an image, design text in any color and choose from several fonts. If you have questions about printing, we will be happy to help you realize your visions.