Why choose 4-way stretch,
and when is it suitable?


If you’ve been familiar with Texstar’s product range for a while, you’re sure to have noticed that we love stretch material. 4-way stretch is becoming increasingly common, but what exactly is it?

Whatever type of garment you’re looking for, we’re likely to have a few styles in 4-way stretch. The amount of stretch material used in a garment varies. A garment might either have just a few stretch details or large stretch panels, while some garments are entirely made of stretch material.

4-way stretch means the material can stretch in all directions. This provides increased comfort and ease of movement, and also gives us greater scope for designing garments with an optimal fit, however much you need to move around at work.

Regardless of a garment’s function and area of application, the possibility and need for using stretch material can vary. For example, trousers subjected to tough wear might need to have large panels of thick, material that doesn’t stretch. In such cases, it can still be very useful have 4-way stretch on the parts of the garment that require high mobility, such as the crotch area and knees.

If you have high requirements for function and mobility, choose trousers made entirely from 4-way stretch material. They provide maximum comfort and you’ll never feel restricted when doing your work or running to catch a bus.

Our stretch favourites