Teamwork for sustainable success

Teamwork is central to Texstar’s collaboration with the CE Dealer Team. The CE Dealer Team has carefully chosen clothes from our broad collection – a collection designed to meet high demands in active and dynamic environments such as motorsport. Each of Texstar’s garments is designed to meet the team’s high energy levels and provide comfort and durability under highly intense conditions.

Our collaboration with the CE Dealer Team proves that our clothing is not only to do with individual performance, but also building teamwork. Seeing our clothes worn by the team members, from mechanics to drivers, underlines the common ambition and joint effort required to excel in motorsport.

Texstar is proud to be part of the CE Dealer Team’s daily activity. The fact that our clothes are selected for their versatility and sustainability attests to the team’s trust and confidence in our products. This partnership illustrates how, together, we can achieve a successful symbiosis of function, comfort and team spirit.

We at Texstar look forward to continuing to support the CE Dealer Team and other teams in their quest for excellence. We want our clothes to contribute to every team’s success while reflecting our core values – innovation, sustainability and shared experiences.

“It fills me with
pride to see how our clothes contribute to success – both on the race track and for a more sustainable future.”

– Mats Ågren, CEO Texstar

About CE Dealer Team

The CE Dealer Team is an initiative by Volvo Construction Equipment which involves developing and competing with 100% electric PWR RX1e race cars. They compete in the FIA World Rallycross Championship, one of six official world championships in motorsport alongside Formula 1 and World Rally Championship. The team won a prestigious silver medal in the World Rallycross Championship 2023.