“Clothes with perfect fit for tough conditions”


Mikael Mattsson, Wopio

Wopio is one of Sweden’s leading traffic safety companies when it comes to developing advanced safety solutions. They have long experience of making cities and traffic environments safer for road users and everyone who has roads as their workplace.

With the right design and the latest innovations, they contribute to achieving Sweden’s zero-tolerance vision of a future road transport system that poses no threat to people’s life and health.

We have long experience in leading some of Sweden’s biggest traffic safety projects, and there aren’t many situations we haven’t seen over the years,” says Mikael Mattsson, Sales Manager.

“When you’re out working on roads, it’s crucial to have suitable equipment that protects you in vulnerable work environments.”

Well-dressed for all occasions

“At the same time, our daily work involves representing the company in a diverse range of settings, from government and municipal premises to car parks and petrol stations. This means it’s important to feel well- dressed – and that’s how Texstar
clothing makes us feel,” Mikael points out.
“After trying other suppliers with previous employers, I’m impressed at how Texstar successfully combines solid function with fashionable design and a comfortable fit.”

Phenomenal freedom of movement

Mikael explains that employees really appreciate how well the clothes fit. Someone even said that they feel like the technical clothing you might wear at home. Many of the garments have integrated stretch fabric offering excellent freedom of movement. This is greatly appreciated when you move around a lot at work.

“We frequently perform quite challenging jobs on site, and there’s no margin for error. The ease of movement and many functional details that Texstar garments provide really come into their own in these situations. You can tell that a lot of effort went into understanding how the clothes will be used,” says Mikael.

Getting seen with Texstar Hi-Vis

“And then of course there’s the safety aspect. Texstar’s Hi-Vis clothing does a great job at combining exceptional visibility with outstanding design and fit. Anyone who’s considering getting high-vis clothing should definitely take a look at what Texstar has to offer,” concludes Mikael Mattsson from Wopio.